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CCWC is an interdenominational, multicultural group of people who gather together to worship Jesus. We are not just a church, but a movement – a Jesus movement. We believe in families, balance, community and reaching out with a relevant message from God’s word.

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Independence Day Celebration

Sunday, July 3 during all services

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Sunday, July 10

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Independence Day Celebration

Sunday, July 3


Here at Calvary Chapel Worship Center we are excited to celebrate the blessing of living here in The United States of America!  On this occasion of our nation’s birth we come together to remember the great and long-reaching sacrifice of those first Americans who fought for this nation’s independence.  We honor all the American warriors from that first 4th of July in 1776 all the way through the centuries to those who fight today.   Today, more than ever, we need the spirit of patriotism that says, we are united, we are free and we stand under God!

Even through some of the darkest hours in our history, we stand for freedom.  We will celebrate the truth that all men were created by God with the inalienable right to live free of oppressive rule and tyranny.  This freedom, though enjoyed by so many of us, is not free.  It has been secured with a very high cost.  It has been secured by the call to duty of the marines, soldiers, sailors, airmen and by those who stand guard around our neighborhoods! These brave ones in uniform have the same resolve as the great Founding Father Patrick Henry.  Being a staunch patriot and devout believer he declared,  “Give me liberty or give me death!”  He knew that freedom is costly. “There is no greater love than to lay down your life for your fellow man.”

On July 3rd, during all three of our morning services, we will be honoring our military and our local men and women in uniform.  All of those valiant men and women who serve, protect and fight for our freedom deserve our thanks!  As they fight to scatter the dark clouds of oppression let us lift them up in prayer.  May the Lord watch over them and cover them with the shadow of His mighty wings!

Let us remember that some, just like our Lord, have paid the ultimate sacrifice.  When they considered the cost and weighed in the balance their own lives against the lives of many, they counted not the sacrifice!   We thank you.   We honor you.  We salute you.

May God Bless the U.S.A.!

Article written by Thea K. Michalopoulos


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