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Sermon Notes 12/17 – Simeon

 Luke 2:22-35 Luke 2:22-24 – is the Presentation of Jesus Christ Present – means to surrender and offer someone’s life to the Lord…a Rededication The Holy Spirit is mentioned 3 times concerning Simeon:  Luke 2:25, 26 & 27 (1.) THE HOLY SPIRIT LEADS – Luke 2:27 a. the Holy Spirit led Simeon to the temple (church) -there are […]

December 17, 2023

Sermon Notes 12/3 – 1:37 – The Miracle of Christmas

 LUKE 1:26-38 1. NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE WITH GOD AS WE PLACE OUR FAITH IN JESUS CHRIST – Luke 1:38 -Christmas is all about Jesus and His birth -Who is this Jesus?            a. v32 – Jesus is great – it means extraordinary…magnificent…extra special…tremendous…massive…colossal…exceptional…outstanding…unlimited ***Christmas and the birth of Jesus is a supernatural act […]

December 3, 2023

Sermon Notes 12/19 – The Glory Of God

THE GLORY OF GOD                                              Great Glory Luke 1:26-38 – These scriptures emphasize Mary the mother of Jesus Luke 2:9-20 (vs9, 20) – These scriptures emphasize the shepherds Definition of glory – this is […]

December 18, 2021

Christmas Experience & Toy Giveaway

Calvary Chapel Worship Center is here to once again love on our community this Christmas season with our yearly toy giveaway! We believe that every child should receive a present for Christmas and that’s exactly why it’s going to be a super fun day for every child to make real snow balls, get a present, […]

November 12, 2018