Sermon Notes 12/19 – The Glory Of God


                                             Great Glory
Luke 1:26-38 – These scriptures emphasize Mary the mother of Jesus
Luke 2:9-20 (vs9, 20) – These scriptures emphasize the shepherds
Definition of glory – this is the manifest presence of Jesus Christ that be seen & felt.  It is the weight of His glory
Definition of great glory – this is an increase in the glory of God as believers spend time with Jesus every day.  Psalm 138:4-6.  This presence of the Lord changes lives & heals people
1 Samuel 4
verse 1 – the spiritual leadership of Israel was corrupt & the glory of the Lord was gone and needed back in their midst
verses 2-4 – the ark of the covenant represents the glory & presence of the Lord
*our enemies can only be defeated because of the glory of God
*the enemy defeated Israel – remember – Weakness Invites Aggression…….
*the enemy smells weakness…….
-the enemy is the devil and his demon forces
-the enemy is patient – like a roaring lion – 1 Peter 5:8-9
-when Israel was defeated, they finally realized they needed the glory of God
1. Do not wait until an issue arises before you hunger for Jesus & His presence
2. Keep the glory – Continue in the Lord and His glory
2 Samuel 6:10-23
-the ark returns to Jerusalem and changes occur
           1. Families Are Changed – 2 Samuel 6:10-12
v11 – Blessed – financially, spiritually, physically, emotionally and mentally
            2. The Lives Of Believers Change – vs12-23
-their praise life changed
-praise & worship is a declaration of a great God
-1 Samuel 4:6 says the enemies of Israel heard the praise of Israel
v5 – the ark returns to Israel & there is great rejoicing
vs6-11 – Israel were event believers that does not produce sustained glory
***We are to be altar believers  – relationship believers with Jesus – this produces sustained glory
***Never name your child Ichabod – the name means the glory has departed…
——-We must protect the great glory in our lives because the enemy will try to steal it
***We can protect the glory of God by dealing with the identical twins of Hurry and Busy…
Luke 10:40-42
***If the devil cannot make you sin, he will make you busy……..***
***Slow is not a good word for believers…Slow is bad & fast is good today…
***Disconnect from the world and tech,  connect with Jesus and increase in the presence and glory of God………..and obtain great glory…….