Sermon Notes 3/30 – The Last Days – Joel Chapter 2-3

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Joel 2:28-32 –
*The outpouring of the Holy Spirit is a sign pointing to Jesus & the last days
1. The Outpouring of the Holy Spirit will happen
v28 – I Will          v29 – I Will        v30 – I Will
2. It is Biblical – Acts 1:8
-1 Cor 14:38-39
-everything in the Bible is for today
3. There are many outpourings – Acts 2:17
-they can happen anywhere and for anyone – personally or in a group
-it’s a full blast and not a drip
-for a fresh heavenly touch and to do something
In Those Days – in the last days right before the return of Jesus Christ
verse 30 – wonders – in the sky & on the earth
wonder – things that are astonishing, surprising & amazing
verse 31 – darkness will cover the earth – Matt 24:29
verse 32 – people & Israel will be saved
-some will escape the wrath of God and be saved
                                                  JOEL 3
v1 – Behold – to get the attention of people – John 1:29-37
In those days & at that time –  refers to the end of the tribulation and the return of Jesus
restore the fortunes – the Lord gives back to Israel what was stolen
-the battle of Armageddon will be taking place soon
-a sign of the return of Jesu sis that the Jewsish people are coming back to Israel
-Ez 20:33-34 and Isaiah 11:11-12
***Relationship vs Fellowship
-Relationship is being saved
-Fellowship is growing and maturing in Christ
v2 – I – this is the plan of the Lord
Jehosophat – means Jehovah is judge – this describes the battle of Armageddon
-there will be a judgment of the nations & unbelievers – Matt 24:36-41 & 25:31-46
-My – this is the Lord’s land – Exodus 23:31
vs2-3 – the Lord judges the nations who came against Israel
v11 – these are the nations coming against Israel
v12 – this refers to the battle of Armageddon where God judges the nations
-the Lord will fight for Israel
v13 – a harvest of judgment comes on the nations against Israel
-the church is gone at this time – the rapture has occurred
v14 – the end is near and Jesus is ready to return
multitudes – the enemies of Israel cannot be numbered
The Valley of Decision – this is the valley of Jehosophat (v12).  This is God’s decision to judge the nations
v15 – darkness covers the earth and the earth waits
v16  – the glory of the Lord & His return lights up the universe
-everything will be shaken, but the people of God are taken care of
v17 – the millennium starts with all believers
-aliens and strangers are unbelievers
v18 – this is the millennium
v19 – Egypt & Syria will be judged (Edom is Syria)
v20 – Israel will always exist
v21 – the Lord is with Israel
-the Lord will take care of all of our enemies

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