Jesus and The High Cost of His Love

The undying love of Jesus, paradoxically sent Him to an untimely death by crucifixion on the cross of Golgotha. He counted not the cost of this extravagant love for humankind. In complete obedience to the Father at all times He waited to receive every word from Him. Every parable, every miracle, every decision Jesus made was after His Father’s heart. Even on the night when the Father passed onto His Son the cup of ultimate suffering and said, “drink of it my Son,” He endured. Jesus, the ultimate Witness of the Father’s Love became a drink offering for us all! (Psalm 22:14) In His humanity He begged the Father to take the bitter cup. In the fullness of His deity, He drank deep and fully of it, unto the brutal end, where he was lifted up and cried out confidently to His Father: “Teteleste!” or “It is finished.” He knew now that His own were safe and that death had no dominion over them. All those that the Father gave and entrusted to Him were covered by the new covenant in shed His blood! From generation to generation, His children would be saved by faith in Him!  It was accomplished!

As the old hymn goes: “Oh  precious is the flow that washed us white as snow. No better fount I know, nothing but the Blood of Jesus!” He was the final sacrifice that would suffice unto the ages, dying once for all!

So we, as witnesses of His manifold grace will take up our own cup and drink wholly of the Lord’s love and sacrifice in obedience and servanthood. We are the fruit of His pain and suffering. Let us then be the sowers of seed, the fishers of men and the workers of the harvest, bringing into that great storehouse of Heaven, the precious sheaves of wheat which are those eternal souls of all people!

~Written by Thea Michalopoulos

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Let us go therefore  and make disciples of all nations. (Matthew 28:19) Together, we can be world changers. Like so many drops of water that combine to fill vast oceans, one person at a time, we can impact eternity with our witness of Jesus’ unsurpassed love!


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