“Its Time to Understand”

I want to be one of the sons of Issachar. 

What does that mean?  Issachar was a tribe or group of Israelites that had 200 leaders along with their relatives as found in First Chronicles 12:32.  They understood the times they were living in and knew what the nation of Israel needed to do. 

Let’s now zoom into the future to 2015.  As believers. we need to desire to be one of the sons of Issachar that understands the times in which we are living and knows what our nation, the U.S.A. needs to do.  We must understand that our nation is going in the wrong direction. 

We must change our mind concerning the path we are on, repent of our sins and return to Jesus because Jesus is the answer for our nation.  Become a son of Issachar……It’s time to understand.

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