When Jesus was on the cross, its looked like He was defeated and the enemy had won. He had a crown of thorns on His head, nails in His wrist and feet and He had been beaten with a whip with 39 stripes. He was placed on a cross, was crucified and left for dead. But then something happened when He was placed in the tomb – HE GOT UP. Jesus rose from the grave in all power, majesty, glory, and honor. Jesus rose, appeared to His disciples, ascended to heaven and defeated all of the powers of hell. He is alive today and because HE GOT UP, we can have everlasting life and find purpose and meaning for our lives here on earth. Because HE GOT UP, the enemy is defeated and underneath our feet. Because HE GOT UP, our sins, every one of them, are totally wiped away and forgiven. Because HE GOT UP, we have freedom and victory and because  HE GOT UP, He is coming back again soon. HE GOT UP……


We are at that time of the year where we place a little bit more emphasis on the cross and resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is important that we not get so wrapped up in Easter items such as candy and bunnies that we forget what time of the year it really is. It is resurrection time. It is the season to remember and shout to everyone that Jesus is alive and is risen in all power, majesty, and glory. And because He is risen, He is coming back soon…..

We pray that every family at CCWC enjoys this resurrection season and that the blessings of Jesus in every way will touch and transform your lives and make you more like Him. You are always in our prayers and may the Lord continue to bless you abundantly.

~ Pastor Bill and Soozie Strayer, the CCWC pastors and staff & the CCWC leadership team

We would like to invite you to Join us this year to our Annual Easter Production, “Witness”. For an epic reenactment of Christ’s redemptive and sacrificial act of love.


April 11-14 at 7:00pm

Special Gold Seating Tickets are $6.00 each and available for purchase at:

EpiCentre Foyer before & after services
Online at ccwcevents.eventbrite.com
Through our CCWC app
Buy your Tickets HERE

We would also like for you and your entire family to join us on Sunday, April 16, for our Special Resurrection Day Service.

Service Times – 8:10, 9:45, & 11:25am.


Calvary Chapel Worship Center

6825 Trouble Creek Rd.

New Port Richey Florida, 34653

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