Ultimate Basketball


January 25 - 06:30 pm


February 22 - 08:30 pm


Calvary Chapel Worship Center

6825 Trouble Creek Road

New Port Richey, Fl, 34653

Ultimate Basketball is for all 1st thru 6th grade kids and it all happens Thursday evenings.  Learn the game learn about Jesus!  All Ultimate Sports leagues are completely FREE.


Sign Up To Play Ultimate Basketball



Please sign up Elijah Kline – Age 9 and Amari Kline – Age 6 for basketball. I’m struggling with trying to use the barcode.

Hello my name is Caroline Smith and my almost 7 year old would be thrilled to start basketball with the team. We had him signed up for ultimate flag football but he had some health concerns and we didn’t want him to spread anything to the other children. Also he’s feeling much better and ready to play! Hope you understand. And thank you. Caesar can’t wait to start.

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