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November 3 - 01:00 am


December 31 - 01:00 am

Call The Community Center Prayer Hotline!  ANYTIME!  Call or Text.  727-339-9008


Hello, I would love if you guys could pray for my mother in law, Becky who is going through some serious health issues. She is a nurse and women of
God. We are praying for good news and healing in Jesus name. Please and thank you.

Heavenly Father in the mighty name of Jesus I pray that you would pour out your healing touch upon Becky. Lord you created Becky and I pray that you would restore her health in Jesus name I pray amen.

God Bless you Sydney praying for you guys!

I could use some prayers right now. I am currently going through ECT (shock treatment) Right now I’m on my way to my second round of ECT. It’s really scary knowing that you are going to be shocked and put into a seizure.

Enter your comment here…I need prayer for healing. In bed with the flu since last Wednesday. Thank you and God bless you

Laurie we are praying for you an all that are sick. Lord in the name of Jesus pour out your healing touch on Laurie

Please Pray for my son Fernando Jr for Grace and Mercy from the Lord over him for the court that his Goin to have that they dropped all the charges they put on him! Thank you and God Bless ❤️🙏nter your comment here…

Dear Lord Jesus I pray for favor over Fernando, Lord that all charges would be dropped in the name of Jesus!

Enter your comment here… im a mother and I understand to I just got my son back from a motorcycle accident I well pray for you and family

I need lots of prayers my son Giovanni Tapia and his girlfriend Taylor Rodriguez just found out that they are pregnant they are 16 and 15 years old they are scared but they know God has a plan they are keeping the baby so they need lots of prayers please for our family and her family pray for a healthy baby and pregnancy pray for their relationship to be able to raise their child they Already have a wonderful support system with both families . Please pray for me Andrea Tapia is my name for finances pray for my car to get fixed so I can get back and forth to church with my church family at ccwc please pray for all my families needs in Jesus name amen 🙏 thank you

Enter your comment here…hello my name is Carmen and I need help for my marriage my husband try to cut himself he be act angry tor me and my kids 2 day ago I call the cup but the next day he star again I’m try to living home alone but he liked to toke he got angry he do not listen to me I do not what to do I ask him to rich for help and church and he say the he not need help he is 66 I’m 56 please 🙏 pray for my family

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