CCWC Church-Wide Outreach 2018!

We had an amazing CCWC church-wide outreach this past Saturday. One of the many things we did was have a free car wash for the people of our community here in New Port Richey! This lady was led to turn in, we washed her car and she was all prayed for and was just about to leave… Then the Lord spoke to the volunteer’s heart to go and talk to her just a little bit more. The young lady began to pour her heart out in tears and explain her situation to her. She’d lost everything. Her home, her job, and has been living out of the very car we just washed. She was completely broken with nowhere else to turn except to Jesus. After hearing her story and loving on her they began to say goodbye. “But wait, before I go may I have your name?” The volunteer says “My name is Angel“. Her countenance completely transforms,  as if you can see her heart drop right there in her chest, she says “Oh my God. I prayed this morning and asked the Lord to send me an angel and He sent me you.” As she welled up once again it was evident to anyone that Jesus went out of His way to show this person how much He loves her and that she is not alone. There are no coincidences in the kingdom of God. Really, what are the chances of that? And this is why it is so important to be engaged in what the Lord is doing concerning outreach.  It felt very fulfilling to get out of the church walls and into the field like Jesus did, because now we are that much more aware that there are thousands of people out there, lost and broken, who are searching for the Answer. If you would like to get involved in community outreach then please get in touch with us today and see how you can help make a difference by just being you! (727) 376-7733 or by emailing Our next Church-wide outreach date is November 17th at 9:30am-12pm. See you there!

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