Mother’s Day Services 2018

This past Mother’s Day at CCWC was absolutely amazing! Services were full as we seen many mothers and grandmothers come in with their loved ones and be honored before the Lord. The worship and messages shared were very powerful. They were spot on, so applicable to life that I, as a male, took my own notes and took something home from it! Two speakers shared on Esther chapter 4. How she was chosen by God and realized it. She had a very specific assignment from the Lord and was called to walk in boldness. She knew that through her predicament it was time seek the face of the Lord and cry out to the Lord in prayer. We need to be people of prayer, who accept our assignment, walk in boldness and expect breakthroughs! Then we also heard about John 4, the women at the well. This was an excellent message on how, even when Jesus rested at Jacob’s well He accomplished great things for the Samaritan woman! What a great point and lesson learned through this Scripture! When we try to do things on our own, that is, in our own effort and power, then we’re asking to be away from the Lord. But, when we are able to surrender our lives and rely on His ability to handle us then we draw close and stay filled up! I think the conclusion to this message was amazing and it was that the Samaritan woman left her jar…. that jar represents her thoughts, her ideas, her will, her agenda, it was her picture of what things should look like….  What’s yours? Jesus’ picture of your life may very well be different. We will learn His will for us as we learn how to rest in Him. Everyone was encouraged and many people surrendered their lives to Jesus! That’s what it’s all about! What an amazing day and thank you to everyone involved in helping out so that we can reach this community for Jesus.

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