1 Samuel 30
Ziklag : a time of trials, testing, and VICTORY
God doesn’t send the enemy.
1 Samuel 30:4
1rst step to victory in Ziklag: WEEP
Weeping is Biblical
Abrahan wept. Genesis 23:2
Joseph wept. Genesis 45: 14-15
Job wept. Job 16:16
Jeremiah wept. Jeremiah 9:1
Paul wept. Acts 20:19
JESUS WEPT. John 11:35
Psalm 30:5
1 Samuel 30:6
2nd step to victory in Ziklag: DEFEAT BITTERNESS
Bitterness is an attack from the enemy.
Hurt people…..HURT people.
1 Samuel 30:6
Strengthened: encouraged.
3rd step to victory in Ziklag: Encourage ourselves in the Lord
The enemy plays on our own insecurities.
The enemy will use people close to us…they may not realize it is happening.
1 Samuel 16:6
1: Our battle is not against flesh and blood.
2: Stand on what GOD says about us, not what the world says about us.
David did not depend on encouragement from others.
David stood on the promises of God for his life.