Zechariah 4

vs8-10 – 3 Names for Jesus


My – means we are serving the Lord and doing everything for Him

– Means we never have to attitude that we need to be served
– Follow the example of Jesus – Mark 10:45

  • Whatever we sow we reap – Gal 6:7

(2) The Branch – means to shoot forth
– The Lord shot froth at His birth, at the resurrection and when He returns
(3) The Stone
a.The Stone – means there is only one stone. Jesus is the only way to heaven
– Throw the stone at others

b. The stone has 7 eyes
– These are the 7 attributes of the Holy spirit
– The Lord ascended and the Holy Spirit descended

c. The stone can be shut – engraved
– Jesus was cut at the cross
– The engraving on Jesus brings forgiveness of sins

-Israel will be save don one day

v10 – In that day – the day the Lord returns and sets up His millennial kingdom

– During the 1,000 year millennial kingdom, people will be under the vine and fig tree
– This represents prosperity, peace and provision

Is 2:4 – Great peace
Is 65:20 – Long life
Is 35:1-2a, 5-7 – Great health and prosperity

Zechariah 4:1-14
Vision #5
The lamp stand & the Two Olive Trees
v1 – An angel comes to stir Zechariah again…..visions and excitement was off. A daily personal relationship with Jesus does not…
v2 – A Lampstand – this is Jesus Christ

a. Has 7 lamps – represents Jesus being the light of the World – Jn 8:12

b. It was gold on color – Jesus Christ is God

c. 7 branches or pipes – believers abiding in the Lord and being lights

d. The bowls are where the oil comes to the Lampstand and branches

Jesus Christ – Luke 4:18-19 – the Anointed One
Believers – the anointing of the Lord to do works
Two Olive Trees – vs3-5, 11-14
– These 2 olive trees are Joshua and Zerubbable

Joshua – represents the spiritual side of things
Zerubbabel – represents the political or government side of things
Prov 11:10-11/28:12 & 29:2
Joshua – is the spiritual side of things. This is the church…the body of Christ
***Every believer needs a Joshua who pours oil into them
***Every believer needs to attend a church – Eph 4:11-18 & Hebrews 10:25
v6 – A Word from the Lord
– It is not by humanity that revival will come, but by the Spirit of the Lord

Might – mans physical strength and force

Power – means to be firm/vigorous & driving

***We need a move of the Holy Spirit…….

v7 – Mountains
– Great Mountains – huge ones, immense, great problems and obstacles
How to remove mountains

(1) Make right choices
– Many of the mountains in our lives are because of our own choices

(2) Mountains must be climbed
– It is hard to climb a mountain and it will be hard to solve our issues, but they can be solved. It will take work to remove the mountains in our lives.

(3) Reach out for help – Prov 11:14
– Ask others for wisdom and direction and guidance

(4) Understand that the lord can do anything
– By His grace – v7

(5) Speak to that mountain – Mark 11:22-24
– Talk to your mountain and problem and watch the Lord remove it