Zechariah 3:6-10

The Coming Branch

v6 – the Angel of the Lord – speaks of Jesus Christ

admonished – means to solemnly declare and say again and again and again
***this reveals the importance of the subject

Ex: Eph 6:11,13 – Put on the whole armor of God
Psalm 91…John 15…Gal 5:16…Eph 5:18 – walking in the Spirit
Redemption – Acts 2:21….Romans 10:9-10…Luke 19:1-10
v7 – Lord of Hosts – speaks of Jesus and means Lord of the armies

– The principle I am getting ready to teach you is something I have already taught you, but here it comes again…
If you walk in My ways – get on the Jesus road
Ex 3:1-10 – means to willfully turn off your own road & get on God;s road

If you keep my command – these are responsibilities the Lord has given you to do
There will be 3 blessings:

1. You will judge My house
– I will bless your job

2.You will have charge of my courts
– I will bless you ministry

3. You will have places to walk
– You will follow Jesus and receive favor as yo walk through open doors
v8 – companions – these are Jewish priests which would be believers today
– We are all ministers

– They are a wondrous sign – it means to be looked upon

– We must live for the Lord because everyone is watching us

– The greater the influence, the greater the witness we must be

– Our testimony is a combination of God and man

Behold – means to get someones attention

I am going to bring forth – speaks of the first and second coming of Jesus Christ
3 Names are given to Jesus in vs8-9

1. My Servant
– This is doing anything an putting others ahead of yourself

2. The Branch
means to shoot forth
– The Lord will shoot forth out of heaven and return to earth

3. The Stone

– There is only one stone – there is only one Savior
*and you can throw a stone

– The stone has eyes – 7 attributes of the Holy Spirit found in Isaiah 11:1

– The stone can be cut – engraving
– Jesus was carved up and cut for our sins and we received forgiveness

– Israel will be forgiven in one day
v10 – In that day – the day of the return of the Lord

Under His vine and fig tree – this is during the millennial reign of Jesus Christ – this speaks of prosperity, fruitfulness, peace and contentment
Zechariah 4:1-14
Vision #5

The Lampstand and the 2 Olive Trees

v1 – Angels are always with us
– Zechariah had just seen 4 visions and they wore off. An angel stirs him again

– We must all have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. This is what keeps you going

v2 – Lampstand – this is Jesus Christ
– Gold in color – says Jesus Christ is God

– 7 branches – is believers abiding in the Vine or in the Lord

– 7 lamps – they burn brightly
– You only burn when you abide
– The believer is the light of the world
– Bowl – mans a basin or oil receptacle
– Oil comes into the bowl and fills the branches and they light up

– This is the anointing of the Holy Spirit
vs3-4, 11-14 – the 2 olive trees are Joshua (ministry) and Zerubbabel (govt)
– Joshua is pouring oil into the lamp stand. Everyone needs a pastor to pour into their lives

– Anointed ones – Jesus fills me and I fill you

vs5-6 – Might & power – means physical strength and force

– The Holy Spirit does the work and not human strength

v7 – Great mountain – these are the obstacles of life
Great – a huge one…an immense obstacle or problem

– The mountains will be removed
– The capstone – this is the final stone which marks the completion of the building. It is the last stone to be laid. Zechariah was saying that Jesus is building the church…it is done by the Lord and by Grace alone…
vs8-9 – God is a Finisher. The temple will be finished