Zechariah 3:1-5

The Fourth Vision
The Vision of the High Priest

1. A picture of Israel as defiled and condemned – vs1-3
2. Israel’s pardon – vs4-5
v1 – there are 5 characters mentioned here

1. he – this is a angel – means messenger

2. Joshua – represents the nation of Israel and speaks of the people of God
-his name means Jehovah saves

3. Angel of the Lord – this refers to Jesu christ. he is not an angel, but the God -man sent to earth

4. satan – this is the devil. It means an opponent – one who is against us

5. me – this is Zechariah
v3 – Joshua – is the High Priest of Israel and represents the people of God

2 Things about Joshua:

1. Joshua is filthy – means covered with dung & manure
-this reveals that the people of God had sinned and were away from the Lord

-we have all sinned – Romans 3:23 – and when we sin it stinks
2. Joshua is silent
-it reveals that we are all guilty…no excuses…Romans 2:1

-when it is found out that you are truly guilty, you are usually silent
***When any Christian sins the enemy is right there to accuse them – v3

***One of the enemies greatest lies is that SOME SINS ARE BEYOND FORGIVENESS
1. because of the magnitude of the sin – abortion…divorce…abuse

2. because of the repetitiveness of the sin
-we have an issue that is hard to defeat
*But we can overcome the enemy’ accusations in 2 Ways – Revelation 12:10-11 (v11)

demonic forces have been defeated through the blood of Jesus

(2) By the word of our testimony
-this is by what we speak…and we speak what God speaks in His Word
v2 – the Lord said to satan – this is Jesus Christ and reveals His power & authority over the devil and his forces

a. at salvation, we receive power and authority over the enemy

Jesus has done several things:

(1) The Lord has chosen Jerusalem
chosen – means to select
*everyone has been selected to be saved – 2 Peter 3:9

(2) The Lord rebukes the devil
-the enemy flees because of the Lord and His authority in us

(3) The Lord rescue people from hell

brand – means a burning stick
-without Jesus, we are on fire and headed toward hell

plucked – means to grab
Jesu grabs us and pulls us out of the fire
vs4-5 – Israel has sinned and fallen away from the Lord
-relationship vs fellowship
The Lord speaks 3 points here:

1. I forgive you – v4

2. I give you My Righteousness – I will clothe you with rich robes

3. I will totally clean you up – a clean turban on they head
-turban is made up of clean white linen with a gold plate engraved with Holiness to the Lord
Zechariah 3:6-10

The Coming Branch

v6 – Angel of the Lord – speaks of Jesus Christ

admonished – means to solemnly charge & declare
-this reveal the importance of a subject

-Examples: Eph 6:11, 13 – Put on the whole armor of God
Eph 5:18…Gal 5:16..Psalm 91 – walk in the Spirit continually
v7 – Lord of Hosts – speaks of Jesu Christ & means the Lord of the armies
-this speaks primarily of the angels God commands

-the principles I am about to give you I have spoken over & over again, and here they are again…
If you walk in my ways – get on the Lord’s path and road
Ex: Moses @ the burning bush – Ex 3:1-10

If you keep my commands – this is being faithful to His charges in our lives
There are some blessings that will happen:

1. you will judge My house – this is the job of the priests
-you will work a job and I will bless you at your job

2. you will have charge of my courts
-these are the courts of men and women in the temple – it speaks of taking care of the people

3. You will have places to walk
this is following Jesus and getting blessed

v8 – companions – refers to ministers today and the priests at the time of Zechariah

***they are a wondrous sign – means to look upon
-we are to be examples – our testimony is very important

-we represent Jesus Christ and are a sign
I am going to bring forth – this refers to the first and second coming of Jesus Christ

2 Names are given to Jesus:

1. My Servant – Mark 10:35-45
-Jesus came to serve and no the served

2. The Branch – means to shoot forth & sprout
-Jesus shot forth at His resurrection

v9 – Behold – means to get the people’s attention

Jesus is called THE STONE
-stones can be common – He was a man – Is 53
-stones can be precious – He is God
-stones can be rejected – 1 Peter 2:1-9
-stones can be thrown – to witness
Stone Statements
-the Stone – there is only one stone – one means unique – John 14:6

-the Stone has eyes – 7 These are the 7 attributes of the Holy Spirit found in Is 11:1

-the Stone can be cut or engraved
-Jesus was cut or carved up for us
-our sins are forgiven because He was carved up
v10 – In that day – the day of the Lords return

under His vine and fig tree – speaks of prosperity, fruitfulness, peace and rest and joy—as Jesus rules and reigns over the entire earth