Your Position In Jesus Christ

-Every father and believer needs to know who they are in Christ.  There are many benefits:
-it builds your confidence
-it breaks all insecurities in your life
-it releases to the believers all of the spiritual blessings the Lord has for them
-it reveals to the believer the power of God’s grace
Dads need to know how special they are and to know who they are in Christ.
-They are holy, strong, smart, redeemed, forgiven and loved by God…Let’s look at King David
(1) Our Identity is being in Jesus Christ – Romans 4:1-8
-it is being in Him
             a. it automatically occurs at salvation – it is only through the grace of God
             b. you possess your spiritual position in Jesus Christ and cannot lose it
-relationship vs fellowship
             c. You receive every spiritual blessing that is in Christ when you are IN HIM
      Ex: 1 Samuel 16:8 – David was chosen (v12)
-it is free…You do nothing for it except being in Him
      Ex: 1 Samuel 6:5,14-23 – David was accepted
King Saul rejected David
Michal- David’s wife – rejected her husband
-But David knew the Lord accepted him completely and always
-David was grateful for this acceptance
       Ex: 2 Samuel 4:1 – David was anointed, King
dads – you are kings – Rev 1:4-6 – the Lord made you kings and priests
        Ex: 1 Samuel 13:14 & 2 Kings 18:3 – Justified
-justified – means to be treated righteously
-these statements were true because David was saved and was made righteous at the time of salvation
         ***And enemy of fathers and all believers when it comes to who we are in Christ  is:          Being Isolated… 2 Samuel 11:1
-people are isolating themselves more today than ever before
-the enemy strikes when we isolate
-the enemy tells us we are worthless, emphasizes our flaws and sins as a dad and believer and tells us we are the worse dads ever…But you are special, awesome and men of God.  You are valuable, appreciated and men of God…….