What Do These Stones Mean to You?

Joshua 3-4

A forty year wait is a long wait.

God’s delays are not His denials. Time doesn’t mean God’s denying you, it means God’s preparing you!

Joshua 3:1 – Real faith requires real action.

Verse 2 – “After three days” The Lord will often let us face our hopeless situation for a period of time.

Our faith for the future must be greater than our fear of failure.

Verses 3-5 – Three things to do before they can cross the Jordan
1. Consecrate yourself

2. Wait on the Lord to move

3. Follow His lead, don’t get ahead of Him

Verses 14-15 – Now the priests had to exhibit faith by stepping INTO the river.

Verses 16-17 – The Miracle… Israel crosses the Jordan. On dry ground.

Joshua 4:1-7 – It’s time to build a memorial.

“What do these stones mean to you?”

Verses 9-10 – Joshua sets up a second memorial

Look what the Lord has done!