Victory In Ziklag

1 Samuel 30
Ziklag: a time of trial, testing and VICTORY
Recap of last week:
1rst 3 Steps towards Victory in Ziklag:
1- Weep
2- Defeat bitterness
3- Encourage ourselves in the Lord
1 Samuel 30:1-9
4th step towards Victory in Ziklag: Get a word from the Lord
a word from the Lord can turn TRAGEDY into VICTORY
Acts 12
If you want to hear God’s voice then you need to read His word.
Romans 10:17- Faith comes by hearing the word of God.
Rhema word: a NOW word from the Holy Spirit. Comes by reading the word of God.
Acts 12:5
1 Samuel 30
5th step to Victory in Ziklag: TRUST GOD
In David’s darkest hour he did not run from God- 
he ran TOWARDS God
Get a word from the Lord and STAND ON IT!
1 Samuel 30:8
Last point to remember about Ziklag: YOU WILL RECOVER

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