“Understanding the Times” Part VI

1 Chronicles 12:32

Understand – to assess and analyze the situation and then take action

What should the church be doing in these last days?

***We must see every believer baptized in the Holy Spirit

-wind is a description of the Holy Spirit and this represents action because the Holy Spirit is always on the move…Acts 2

1. The Baptism of the Holy Spirit occurs after salvation – Acts 2:21

-salvation is all about God reaching down to man

-its the first main spiritual experience in a persons life

the second main spiritual experience in a persons life is the baptism of the Holy Spirit

     (1) it is a promise – Lk 24:49 & Acts 2:38-39

     (2) it is real and sound doctrine – Titus 2:1

-we cannot totally understand all spiritual principles found in the Bible

-Christianity is a supernatural faith

2. The Baptism of the Holy Spirit is given by Jesus Christ – John 1:33

-this is a spiritual experience given to us by God

-this Biblical experience is for today – Hebrews 13:8

Why did Jesus give the baptism of the Holy Spirit?

              (1) So we could shave everything and more of what God has for us – Matt 6:33

-the Lord reveals more and more to us in His Word and we need to receive it

-we must put God first

Haggai 1:1-9

The Jewish people are back from captivity and must build rebuild the temple…They started the project but it has been 16 years with not a lot accomplished

v2 – the people speak – it is not time to rebuild the temple

v3 – The Lord speaks

v4 – you can find time for everything else but God’s business

v5 – consider your ways?

-the Jewish people were being ungrateful and self centered

v6 – a lot has been invested in the world system but the retune is not much.  Invest in eternal things…….

vs7-8 – put some time and energy into spiritual things

v9 – they would not receive the fullness of the Lord’s blessings.  God would blow them away

               (2) the baptism of the Holy Spirit was given by Jesus to bring refreshment to His people – Acts 3:19

-we can be refreshed every day

1. through salvation – John 4:14

whoever drinks – means to drink only once – salvation is a one time event

2. stay filled up – Eph 5:18

-means to be filled up every day – a continual process

-one way to remain filled up is by receiving the baptism of the Holy Spirit and speaking in tongues

a. it refreshes us and builds us up – 1 Cor 14:4

b. this Biblical experience is for everyone – Acts 2:38-39