“Understanding the Times” Part II

1 Chronicles 12:32

understood – means to have insight and act with prudence and wisdom

-this is a skillful analysis of what is going on

-Saul, King of Israel, is dead

-the tribe of Benjamin had their own thoughts about who should be King

-the sons of Issachar wanted David to be King and took action

***in 2015, we must understand the times….

-what time is it…It is time for the second coming of Jesus Christ…….

-no one knows the day or the hour of the Lord’s return

-we know it is time because of the signs on planet earth

-sign – speaks of pointing to Jesus Christ

3 signs

1. Luke 17:26 – Violence


-Charleston, SC

-some video games, TV


2. Luke 17:28-30

-there will be an increase in homosexual – same sex influence in the world

3. Acts 2:17-21 

-an outpouring of the Holy Spirit all across the globe

***As a believer…do not be shocked by what is taking place on earth.  The Bible predicts all of this and more…

***Be proactive and nor reactive as believers…

The Sons of Issachar knew what Israel should do.  What should the church be doing in 2015?

(1) PREACH THE FULL COUNSEL OF GOD – 1 Samuel 8:10 & Acts 20:27

-this speaks of preaching all of the Word

-preach on every subject

a. the Bible is absolute truth…this speaks of total and complete truth for society, govt, families, people, businesses

-relativism fights the Word – speaks of whatever anyone believes it is right and okay

b. the Bible was written by God – 2 Peter 1:20-21

-the Lord used people to write down His words, but they are His words

c. the Bible is a message of redemption – 1 Peter 1:18-20

-the blood of Jesus saves

-this is the gospel – 1 Cor 15:1-5

-it is what Paul preached – Gal 1:6-10

-we do not need a new message, but a new touch on those giving the message – Col 4:6

-be careful of the new message today that says God loves you, but with no call to repentance

Why read the Bible?

(1) Because the Bible answers Key Questions in life

-the definition of marriage…

-is there life after death?

-does God exist?

-why am I here?

-why is there evil?

(2) The Bible sets a standard of Moral Certainty and clarity —