“Understanding the Times” Part I

1 Chronicles 12:32

understood – means to have insight and act with prudence and wisdom.  This is skillful analysis of what is going on…

-BACKGROUND: The King of Israel, Saul, has just died and the 12 tribes of Israel must replace him with a new King.  The sons of Issachar know what is best for Israel and who to put in as King – David.  The assess the situation and then act on it….

-every generation needs some sons of Issachar………….

In 2015, we must understand the times in which we live…….


-He came the first time and is coming back again

-signs – the word sign points to Jesus Christ and reveals that Jesus is close to returning…

a. an explosion of technology – Daniel 12:4

-internet…apps…smartphones…satellite TV

b. a strong delusion – 2 Thess 2:11

-delusion places you in a fog where you wil believe anything .  It is a spirit…

c. violence – Luke 17:26….Matt 24:9-12

-could lead to being a martyr

Since the Lord is returning soon, we see that 3 things are real:

1. EVIL IS REAL – John 3:20-21

-there is evil and there is good————–evil is demonic & God is good – James 1:17

*the definition of evil – something morally reprehensible, sinful or wicked

*the source of evil the flesh and the enemy

*not everything is demonic

-it is invisible, but manifests itself……….call it what it is – EVIL

2. JESUS IS REAL – Eph 4:32

-I know Jesus is real because of the changed lives of people……..and there are people who practice the Word of God…

-Since Jesus is Real, reconciliation is possible – Eph 2:11-18

reconcile – means to change thoroughly from one condition to another

vertical reconciliation – between God and man

Horizontal reconciliation – between man and man

3. DEATH IS REAL – Hebrews 9:27

Luke 13:1-5

*we are all going to die

*we do not know how we are going to die

*the most important thing about death is knowing you are born again in Christ