“Understanding the Times” Part IV

1 Chronicles 12:32

Understood – means to have insight and assess the situation around them…  This is a skillful analysis of what is going on………and then take action…

-the sons of Issachar assessed the situation at that time and saw that David should due anointed King.  They then took action and made it happen.  We need to assess our surroundings today and then take action…..

-violence is escalating across the globe

-hostility toward Israel

-terrorism now even in our nation

-weather is weird

-We are assessing and finding out we are living in the last days.  Jesus is coming back.  What should we be doing then?  WITNESSING……SHARING OUR FAITH……..

Matthew 3:3

The voice – this is John the Baptist

-he was a voice to the nation of Israel

-he publicly spoke out

-the body of Christ today worldwide is the John the Baptist for todays society

-we are to share about the Messiah – stay on message

-being a voice means verbalizing the gospel

-every believer should be talking about Jesus Christ

What did John’s voice say?  Matthew 3:2 – Repent…….change your mind…turn to the Lord…

Excuses not to share:

I am not called to share – everyone is asked to witness – 1 Peter 3:15 and matt 28:18-20

I will just let me life shine – Acts 1:8 & 1 Cor 2:4

I am not an evangelist – 2 Tim 4:5 – do the work of an evangelist

I don’t want to bother anyone – Eccl 3:11

-the Lord has placed eternity in every persons heart – tap into that

I do not know what to share – 1 Cor 15:1-5 – share the gospel

of one – one person can make a difference

Ex:  John the Baptist and Jesus Christ

crying – the word speaks of being verbal, passionate, excited and full of emotion

-crying out about Jesus

wilderness – the word represents the spiritual dryness of Israel

-Israel had fallen away from the Lord

-be a voice with a right tone – Col 4:6

Prepare the way of the Lord of the Lord – John was setting the stage for the coming of Jesus:

-by telling people Jesus was coming

-by telling people to receive Him 

-by giving the consequences of not receiving Jesus

Make His paths straight

-walk a straight path when you receive Jesus

Ex: when Paul got saved, he lived on Straight Street

      the children of Israel took 40 years for a one months journey