“Two Questions” James 5:13-20

James 5:13-20



suffering – means to endure hardship, persecution or trouble…difficult circumstances

a. suffering will be a part of our lives

b. Paul is an example – 2 Cor 11:23-28

c. it is continual ion the original language

What do we as believers do when we are suffering?


pray here speaks of turning and throwing

-turn to the lord and throw all of our burdens and difficulties on to the Lord….

-learn to go to the Lord yourself

Why Pray?

***prayer brings you wisdom for why things are happening – James 1:5

***prayer gives us grace and strength to endure the difficulties – Luke 22:41-42

***prayer can remove the hardship


-speaks of being glad

-we have many good times and seasons in our lives

-so sing……speaks of singing with or without musical instruments…

v14 – A Third Question


sick – means to be feeble; weak;

-it speaks of one not being able to move/could be a mental illness of some kind

call for the leadership – the believer must call and reach out…….

-leaders cannot read minds….

-it pays great rewards to be a part of an assembly and be engaged in that assembly

-pray over them – this is a picture of the church leaders standing over the sick person

-anoint with oil – represents the power and presence of the Holy Spirit

-in the name (by His authority) of Jesus Christ

vs15-16  – pray the prayer of faith – this is a prayer offered in faith that is prompted by the Spirit of God showing it is God’s will to heal the sick…

-this type of prayer will raise up the sick

-the emphasis is on the Lord because He is the Healer

-if the person is sick because of sin, the Lord assure them that He will forgive them….

vs16b-18 – the prayers of a righteous person are powerful and work

righteous – in position and our walk in the Lord

effective fervent – speaks of energy and setting no limits concerning the power of prayer and activity starts to occur…..

EX:  Elijah is an example