Two Questions

   Matthew 24-25

   The Olivet Discourse
Matthew 24-25 refers to the 7 year tribulation period.  The church is gone in the rapture but the Holy Spirit is present…….
vs23-26 – False Christs and False Prophets will arise
Modalism – God changes forms, but the father, Son & Holy Spirit do not all exist eternally at the same time
Trinity – There is one God who can manifest Himself as Father, Son and Holy Spirit – all coequal, coeternal and God…
verse 27 – The second coming of Jesus Christ will be like lightning
*Lightning is visible – the return of the Lord will be visible – Rev 1:7
*Lightning occurs within clouds – Jesus returns in the clouds and with great glory.  Clouds represent the glory of God
*1 Lightning strike creates alot of energy & power – Jesus will return in power
*1 Lighting strike happens very fast – the coming of the Lord will be fast
verse 28 – the corpse or carcass refers to Israel.  It looks like Israel is destroyed
verse 29 – IMMEDIATELY – Jesus comes back and saves Israel
***There some immediatelies in the BIble…….
1. Some things do happen immediately – salvation is an example
2. Not everything happens immediately in Christianity – process
3. There are times we need the Lord to do something immediately
*The word immediately is used 59 times in NT & 41 of those times it is used in the gospel of Mark
*the Gospel of Mark portrays Jesus as a Servant – Servants serve immediately
*The greek word for immediately is EUTHYS…..
-it means at once
-it means to make things straight
-it means something that is being acted on
*Mark Chapter One uses the word immediately 11 times……
Mark 1:3, 9, 12,18,20,21,28,29,31,42,43 (NAS & NKJV)
             Two Examples of an IMMEDIATE Impact on people by Jesus…….
(1.) Mark 1:29-31 – Peter’s Mother-In- law is Healed
v29 – Jesus had been battling demons and He is going to Peters house to eat
v30 -Peters mother in law has been sick for a long time and is laying down.
She is on fire with a fever…
v31 – jesus touched people in big & small crowds – He carried the fire wherever He went
He came – Jesus stood over her & she was instantaneously healed
She served them.  She cooked for Jesus and waited on them
(2.) Mark 1:40-42
v40 – leprosy represents sin – it is an incurable disease
-the leper knew Jesus could heal him
-Jesus has the desire to heal you
v42 – the motivation for healing is our love for people
                 *Jesus says 2 words
                 * touches him – it represents Jesus taking upon Himself the sins of the leper
verse 29 – IMMEDIATELY – Jesus returns
-darkness covers the entire earth
v30 – two groups will mourn
-Israel for their sins and rejection of Jesus as they are saved
-Unbelievers as they are judged by the Lord for their sins and rejecting Him
verse 31 – the 4 winds are the 4 directions – North, South. East and West
elect – those people saved during the 7 year tribulation period