Two Questions

Matthew 24-25

                                   The Olivet Discourse
                                       2 Questions (v3)
***Jesus reveals the #1 sign that reveals the return of the Lord is close…
***Matthew 24:4-5, 11, 23-26 – DECEPTION
-this is a word of warning – “WATCH OUT”
v4 – Mislead or deceive –
-means to lead in a wrong direction
-means to out from under the cover of safety and truth
-means to lead into error
-means to roam and wander off course
-means to lead away from the truth
NO ONE – means not one person
YOU – this is a born again believer
v5 – Many – there will be many false Christs, doctrine and prophets in the last days
v11 – false prophets – they give false prophecies/they do not stay in a church
vs23-26 –
v23 – people will rise up and pretend to be the Messiah
v24 – matthew 721-23
v25 – Jesus warned us about deception
v26 – Jesus is coming back through the clouds…Do not believe anyone who says Jesus is here or there
                              DECEPTION CAN BE DEFEATED
v18 – little children – this refers to immature and baby Christians.  They are the most susceptible to receiving false doctrine
-antichrists – means opponents of Christ
                   -they are already on the scene
-KNOW – means to experience and recognize
v19 none of them were of us – the origin of their doctrine is demonic
vs 20-21 – we receive the Holy spirit the moment we are saved
Know – means to absolutely positively know the truth
vs22-23 – Jesus Christ is God.  If this is not believed, it is false doctrine
-you must believe in the Father and the Son
v26 – this is all to deceive you
v27 – anointing – this is the Holy Spirit who lives within you
-You are continually not at the mercy of any teacher or book or blog because yo have the Holy Spirit – truth – within you..
-This is called the QUICKENING of the Holy Spirit – Romans 4:17
QUICKENING – means to arouse us, motivate, energize, make us alive, to urge, activate, stimulate and awaken
***The Holy Spirit quickens us here – arouses, awakens and urges us not to believe any false doctrine or teaching that comes our way…
(2.)  DECEPTION CAN BE DEFEATED THROUGH AUTHORITY – 1 Timothy 4:1 and 2 Thessalonians 2:1-3
-what is being preached can be used by the enemy to pull us away from the FAITH which is Christianity – PONEROS – to pull down to ones level
-we must stand against the deceptive powers of hell – 1 Peter 5:8-9
-The devil and his demons will deceive us in many ways
-One way is to place questions in our minds which are lies
          a.) We need to be in a church that:
-preaches everything in the Bible is for today and must be practiced – EX: healing
-does not water down the Word of God
-preaches every Bible subject and uses every word that is in the BIble
-preaches the Word and not what people want to hear – 2 Timothy 4:1-5 – are not politically correct
           b. we need to be self feeders – Deception is a product of ignorance
-deception sweeps you away by a wrong idea that you are convinced is true
-compare everything to the Word of God – the Word of God produces moral certainty
Ephesians 4:11-14 – Paul tells the Ephesus church to begin to grow up
children – theses are immature children who cannot walk yet
-they think selfishly at times
-they cry when they dont get their way
-they have to be entertained
-they only like certain type of foods
-they demand attention
-they require constant supervision
***THEY ARE TOSSED BACK & FORTH BY EVERY WIND OF DOCTRINE – this means to be whirled around in circles