Titus – Part VI


1 Peter 2:9 – you – speaks of all born again believers.  Who are born again believers?
(1) they are chosen – speaks of being selected by God for redemption.  We did not choose Him.  He chose us.
(2) We are royalty – kings and priests.  Have royal access and authority
(3) We are a Holy nation – we are a community of people separated from the world and set apart to serve the Lord.
(4) We are a possession of God – we belong to Him and are surrounded by His love.  He accepts us…
Because of this:  we can “SHOW” others…..
SHOW – means to reveal to everyone…to go public with…make widely known…to advertise
***Believers are to publicly advertise and reveal to everyone that we are born again and publicly proclaim the qualities of the Lord…
Titus Shares 2 Things That Need To Go Public:
     (1) BELIEVERS ARE TO WORK HARD – vs9-10
-we live in an entitlement society
-its what people think they are entitles to and deserve – it is self centeredness
1. get a job – the Lord wants people to work and not be lazy
2. obey your boss – v9
-the boss needs to be satisfied with your work/do what they say
-this is a military term
*NO talking back – be cooperative
3. do not steal
-actual stealing
stealing your bosses joy and peace
-stealing your companies time
SHOW all good fidelity – that you are a great employee
a. tis adorning yourself with the Lord – putting on the Lord – so people will get saved
     (2) PEOPLE ARE TO SHOW THEIR GOOD WORKS – James 2:14-26
-our good works are to be public and revealed to all people
-our good works should due constant because we are tied into Jesus
-good works show that we are saved – Eph 2:8-10
***we are not saved by works, but good works show that we are saved
James 2:14 – this is a professing Christian – someone who says they are saved but are not.  There are no good works attached to their life…….
v19 – a head knowledge does not save you – the demons have this
vs15-17 – faith without works is no faith at all
v18 – faith – a profession of faith will not save you
        works – a works relationship with not save you
James is being sarcastic here – come on man, show me your faith without works.  You can’t do it.
It is only this way, man, faith + works go together….
v20 – you are empty, foolish, useless and not profitable

vs21-23,26 – Abraham is an example of faith and works