The Coming War With Russia – Titus – Part V

Titus 2:13

The Coming War With Russia

v13 – Looking – means to wait for

***we are looking for the return of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ

***this shows Jesus Christ is God – our God and Savior Jesus Christ – a deity verse

*This word includes 2 things

       1. an atmosphere of expectancy

       2. a readiness to welcome the person you are waiting for

Titus calls the second coming of Jesus Christ:

(1) the blessed hope – v13

blessed – means prosperous – speaks of benefits we will receive from His return

hope – this is an anticipation of something good that is coming

(2) an appearing of His glory

-this speaks of the presence of the Lord and His personal appearing

     How do we know that the second coming of the Lord is closing in on us?


A. the rise of Russia reveals the diminishing power of the U.S.

B. the rise of Russia means Russia is one country closer to invading Israel

C. the rise of Russia today is just the preparation of the coming war as described in Ezekiel 37-39

Ezekiel 37

vs1-10 – speak of the restoration and renewal of the nation of Israel

vs4-5 – the Word of God and the Holy Spirit bring renewal – you need both…

v21 – the Lord is bringing the Jewish people back home to Israel

v23 – the Lord will save Israel

v24 – Jesus will rule and reign over Israel

v28 – Jesus protects Israel

Ezekiel 38

v1 – Russia and its coalition of nations

v4 – the Lord is bringing Russia into Israel

v10 – Russia is putting together an evil plan – Vs14-16)

v18 – The Lord comes against Russia and its coalition forces

Ezekiel 39

v8 – this is all going to happen.  The Lord has spoken and it will occur…

v21 – the nations of the world will see this all unfold

v22 – Israel will then know that Jesu sis their Savior and God

vs23-24 – Israel’s disobedience and sin took them into captivity.  They were out of fellowship with the Lord

vs25-26 – the Lord brings Israel back home

v27 – Israel repents and turns back to the Lord and realizes what they have gone through was for their best

v28 – everyone wil be saved

v29 – being back in fellowship with the Lord – He blesses again, answers prayer, protects