Thursday, December 9 – Acts 16

***Paul came to Philippi and fought the enemy
***Paul is serving the Lord and then Midnight comes
-midnight represents the trials of life/hardships/difficulties/hurt/great stress
                What to do when it’s MIDNIGHT in our lives……
1. PRAY – verse 25
          a. Prayer matters – it makes a difference as we pray – Acts 4:31/12:5-7/1:14
-without prayer, some things will not happen
-God is Sovereign – He can do whatever He desires to do at any time
-prayer is placing our trust in Jesus & depending on Him/putting Jesus first
           b. 2 Examples Involving King Asa
Ex#1: 2 Chronicles 16:1-9
-King Asa put his faith & trust in an enemy of Israel instead of in the Lord
EX#2: 2 Chronicles 16:11-13
-King Asa placed his faith and trust in physicians instead of in the Lord
          c. when we pray, pray with a spirit of expectancy…Agree with the Lord that something is going to happen.  Make a declaration…
          d. The goal of our prayers is that the Lord would be glorified – John 12:27-28
-nothing is really said about what they prayed
-be careful not just to pray the escape prayer all of the time
2. PRAISE – v25
     a. Praise is a choice – it is not an emotion or always want to do – Psalm 150:1-6
REMEMBER: Repeated Praise Becomes Automatic Praise
      b. Praise is Heard – v25
-v27 – the jailer woke up
        – the prisoners were listening
        – on earth as it is in heaven – Rev 5:1-13 (vs12-13)
        – praise the Lord on earth as we will in heaven
***REMEMBER: Do not value your self image more highly than authentic praise that honors the Lord
        c. Praise Accomplishes Alot – v26
a. Chains are Broken – supernaturally
-people who were not praising the Lord were changed
-the more people who praise the more the Lord accomplishes
b. Shifts take place – v26
-an earthquake produces movement and shifts
-shifts from sickness to healing/sadness to joy
c. Doors Open – vs25-24
-all of the doors of the jail opened up wide
-this was impossible to happen/to many obstacles in front of them
-an invisible hand came to the rescue