The Voice


Matthew 3:1-3

The Voice – this is John the Baptist coming to the nation of Israel with a message from the Lord

-the voice today is the body of Christ

-we have the same message that John did

         *John proclaimed the first coming of Jesus

         *the church will proclaim the second coming of Jesus

-never get off message – do not be detoured from preaching the gospel

-being a voice is being verbal/communicating/speaking

-there is a declining influence of the gospel because there is not much of a voice

-we need to share

*our tone counts – Col 4:6 – kind, gracious and loving words

*asking permission counts

-and pop the question

Why share?  because years from now nothing else will matter….

-we all entertain fleshly thoughts that hinder us from witnessing

a. I am not called to witness

b. I will just let my life shine

c. I am not an evangelist

d. I don’t want to bother people and pressure them

Of One – one person can make a huge difference.

Example:  John the Baptist – saw 225,000 saved in 6 months

                 Jesus Christ

Crying  – this word speaks of being passionate, excited, and having emotion

-John cried out that the people needed Jesus Christ

-He cried out with grace.  The name John means gracious

Wilderness – this word refers to the spiritual dryness of Israel and presently the United Sates of America.  We are away from the Lord…

Prepare the Way of the Lord

prepare – means to return…return to the ways of the Lord

-do not follow your own way

Make His paths straight – after you are  saved walk a straight path

-Paul was saved and was on Straight Street – Acts 9:10-12