The Voice Part 4


John the Baptist

JOHN WAS A MAN – John 1:6

***sent – means called by God on a mission with a commission

          a. John was a normal regular person just like us

          b. Luke 1:1-25, 57-80

v5 – Johns’ parents were Zacharias and Elizabeth

v6 – Johns’ parents loved the Lord and were people of prayer

v7 – they could not have children & that was looked down on in this society

-but they focused on the Lord who can do anything – Luke 1:36-37

-well advanced in age – they both were in their 60″s or older

vs8-10 – Zacharias was one of the priests that served in the temple & it was his time to serve

-the burning of incense represents prayer

-incense was burnt twice a day speaking of  continual prayer

-Zacharias was praying for a child along with many other things – 

vs11-17 – an angel comes to Zacharias to let him know his prayers have been answered

To Receive Answered Prayer:

(1) we must know that what we are praying is the will of God – 1 John 5:14-15

-we must pray according to the will of the lord

-this happens by knowing His Word and hearing the voice of the Lord

(2) we must persist and not give up – Luke 11:5-13

-continual prayer means continual blessings-


-who dealt with issues in his life – doubt and rebellion

(1) Rebellion – Matthew 3:13-15

-there was a battle going on inside of John about listening to the lord and obeying Him or not…

-John finally submits to Jesus and the authority the Father gave to Him

(2) Doubt 

-there is health doubt and unhealthy doubt

-doubt – means to questions

          a. healthy doubt – questioning something someone has said, taught or done…

          b. unhealthy doubt – questioning our faith  or the Word of God

John started to doubt his faith and the Lord because he was in jail…


     1. No mater what – always do what is right

     2. When you do right, know that things will not always turn out right

-but do not doubt your faith, the Word or the Lord…

JOHN WAS A MAN – a separated man – Matthew 11:7-11

soft clothing – speaks of rich or wealthy clothing

kings houses – represents a life of pleasure and luxury

John lives a simple life and separated himself from materialism

     *******JOHN KNEW THE DANGER OF MORE*******

—Beware of the Hamster spirit………….they are hoarders

hamster – means to want more/to hoard

-first found and domesticated in the Middle East

-hamsters have elastic facial skin that can hold a lot of extra food

-they take food and hide it

                         *******MORE WILL NEVER SATISFY*******

Be content – contentment is not complacency, but resting in the blessings you have and not needing any more…