The Voice of the Lord

The Voice Of The Lord

-The Lord speaks and we m,use listen…

-Russia being in Syria – what is the Spirit of the Lord saying???

The Trinity Talks

Rev 2:7,11,17,29 & Rev 3:6,13,22

-the Lord speaks to everyone

The Trinity talks and:

1. they have specific things to say

2. they have general things to say

3. they have tough things to say

-go to the Lord first since He talks…..

The Voice of the Lord is a Word from the Lord……

1. do no take any major decisions without having a Word from the Lord – James 1:5

2. You never know what He is going to say – Isaiah 55:8-9

-the Lord allows us to come to Him as we are

-we must allow the Lord to come to us as He is

3. Faith is based on a Word from the Lord – Romans 10:17

-this is the Bible and His voice

-you can stand against or for anything when you have a Word from the Lord

4. The Word of the Lord can be resisted – 

-when we do not receive the answer we want

-blaspheming the Holy Spirit – Matt 12:31-32

-when we are backs lidded – John 15:7

-when we are too busy and do not listen

How do we listen?

1. stay close to the Lord – Isaiah 55:3

-the farther away you are the less you can hear

2. Develop listening prayer – Ex 3:10

-Intentionally carve out time to be still and listen for the voice of the Lord

-the Lord is still pleased with us when we are doing nothing but listening

Carve out some time for stillness…..

              * be careful of interruptions – tech interruptions

Be involved in the art of listening

*just listening to what He has to say……

*active listening and it is work