The Voice Part 2


John the Baptist
Malachi 4:5-6 & Matthew 11:14,11
*John the Baptist was not Elijah, but was just compared to Elijah
Why is John the Baptist the greatest prophet ever to live?
(1) JOHN POINTED PEOPLE TO JESUS CHRIST – John 1:6-9 & John 1:19-35
-He only talked about Jesus Christ
     a. John deflected all attention and praise away from him and gave it to Jesus
     b. John would not allow people to worship him
-people want to direct their worship from the invisible to the visible
-do not follow or worship a person or organization
-reeds were found along the banks of the jORDAN RIVER IN ISRAEL
-Jesus compared John to the reeds for 2 reasons:
(1) the reeds were a common sight – John was not like a common people.  He was different and lived to a higher standard
(2) the reeds bent with the wind – the reeds were easily swayed, but John wasn’t…
-John was strong in his convictions
         ***John was strong in his convictions about religion – Luke 3:7-8
-the Jewish people thought they could get to heaven because of their relationship with Abraham
         ***John was strong in his convictions about sin – Mark 6:17-19
Herod married his brothers wife which was adultery
John confronted Herod many times (v18) about this sin
Johns strong convictions were not his own, but found in the Word of God…….
(3) JOHN WAS A DECISION MAKER – Matthew 11:12
The Kingdom of heaven suffers violence – v12a
-this speaks of the Kingdom of God moving forward – being on the move – advancing
-nothing can stop the Kingdom of God from advancing
The violent take it by force
-the strong and courageous grab ahold of the Lord, His will and principles
-this verse is talking about making a decision to
 go for your Christianity
-it is the Principle of the I Wills – I will serve, praise and give to the Lord…..
vs 13-19
v13 – The OT prophets prophesied until John & then he set the stage for the next part of God’s redemptive plan
v14 – John cam ein the spirit of Elijah.  He was like Elijah
vs15-19 – Jesus compares that generation to children…
Jesus played the flute – He came with good news and the gospel…joy…laughter
-the people would not listen to Jesus Christ
John mourned and people did not lament
-John’s message was one of repentance and he was rougher than Jesus
-the people would not listen
Wisdom is justified by her children…….
***Jesus gave everyone wisdom, but they rejected it and consequences would come.  Make a decision today to follow Jesus wholeheartedly…….