The Names of God

Jehovah Rapha

                                       Exodus 15:26
                                  The Lord Who Heals
John 5:1-3, 5-6 – DO YOU WANT TO BE HEALED?
made well – refers to total healing physically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally
               2 POINTS
*at salvation we receive every spiritual blessing in Jesus Christ
*we are worth to receive these blessings only because we are in Christ
*many believers constantly feel unworthy to receive the Lords’ blessings
*the Lord wants to bless you so you can be a blessing
*He is the God of MORE…
        2. WATCH OUT FOR MIND GAMES – John 8:44
-Mind games come from what we fill our minds with…….
-resist all thoughts – flesh and demonic – that go against Jesus & His Word
-Jesus said yes every time in the gospels to people who desired to be healed
                           Matthew 8:1-17
Examples of the Lord healing people in the Bible
v1 – Jesus came down from a mountain – Math 5:1
v2 – leper – this represents a physical disease and he was also an unbeliever
-the leper recognized that there are no limitations with God – Jesus accepted worship which proved He was God and can do anything…….
-the leper came to Jesus – this was a step of faith
-do not live with a sick spirit
-no one was going to talk the leper out of his healing
v2 – The Lord is able to heal…..The Lord is willing to heal….The Lord will heal
v3 – I Am Willing
-Jesus does care & is interested in your life, family and health
Be Cleansed – the leper is saved and healed
vs14-17 – Peters motherinlaw is Healed
v14 – this takes place in Capernaum
-lying on a bed
-fever – speaks of being on fire
*Jesus can heal anything…
v15 – Jesus stands over her like a doctor
-We are healed to serve