The Lamp of God

1 Samuel chapter 3
(It would be awesome if we could have a seven lamp menorah on the screen when I am talking about Exodus, chapter 25
But make sure it doesn’t have candlesticks because the actual seven lamp menorah has bulbs with oil in them, burning a wick)
The main light represents the Lord Jesus.
Everything the church does should point towards Jesus.
The Hebrew word for almond tree is Sha-ked: watchful, awakened, vigilant
The Lord designed his church, to be watchful, vigilant, awakened.
The Lord is calling the church of America to be awakened
Today …we are the temple. The fire of God needs to burn inside of each of us.
3 ways to get the fire of God back in our lives:
1 Samuel 3:1-7
Point 1: the word of God must be number one in our lives.
1 Samuel 3:2
2: we need to answer the call of God on our lives.
Matthew 11:12
From the days of John the Baptist, until now, the kingdom of heaven, suffers violence, and the violent take it by force.
1 Samuel 3:11-18
1 Samuel 7:3-4
3: we need to push back darkness in this world.
The church needs to be a voice of truth
Ezekiel 3:18
When you are not a voice of truth, you are an accomplice to sin.
We don’t have to judge people out of sin
We can love people out of sin
Apathy: lack of interest, enthusiasm, or concerns.
It’s time that the fire of God burns inside of us hotter than ever before.