The Lamb Of God

definition of lamb of God – means one who is gentle, kind and tender – could be a pet lamb
-we all need to have a right perspective of who the Lord is
a. vs1-3 – the Lamb of God, Jesus Christ, is for every home
-the Lord desires everyone to be saved
-no one is beyond redemption
v5 – your Lamb – this is a personal relationship with Jesus Christ
b. v4 – give some Lamb to your neighbor
Eccl 3:11 – the Lord has placed eternity in the heart of every person
c. There is only a certain type of Lamb that could be eaten – v5
Matthew 24:5,11,23-24
d. v5 – a male – Jesus was all man and all God
e. the lamb was marked out before death – v3
-4 days before the Lamb was killed – vs3, 6 – 4 is the # of direction & the world
f. the lamb was a first year lamb – v5
-the Lamb was most tender and tasted the best within the first year
g. Without Blemish – Hebrews 4:15
-Jesus never sinned one time
(2) EAT THE LAMB – vs8-11
v8 – Eating the flesh – the Lamb – refers to our daily personal times with Jesus
-John 6:31-66
               a. Eat the Lamb quickly – v11 – eat it today and right away\-today is the day to get right with Jesus
               b. Eat all of the Lamb – v10
-we must desire all of Jesus Christ and His blessings and benefits
-we must want all of the Lamb and not just certain parts of the Lamb
               ***Eat the head of the Lamb – v9
-this represents the mind and will of the Lord
-the will of the Lord can be hard to do
               ***Eat the legs of the Lamb – v9
-this represents the walk of Jesus
-we need to live for Jesus
               ***Eat the inward parts of the Lamb – v9
-this is the heart of the Lord
-we all need to have the heart of Jesus Christ