“The Holy Spirit in the Old Testament” Part II

The Holy Spirit in the OT

1. The Holy Spirit’s Favorite Word –  Leviticus 11:44-45


-He is the Holy Spirit

-1 Peter 1:14-16 – the theme of holiness is throughout the Bible

Holy ——- Sanctify ——- Saint – all come from the same Greek word speaking of being separate/set apart

holiness – means to be pure…untainted by evil or sin…….free from defilement of vice and other impure things…….to be set apart to God for service

This is called the doctrine of sanctification.  3 parts of sanctification….

1. past  – positional sanctification — which occurs at salvation

2. present – this is progressive sanctification

-How does this occur?

             a. from the Lord – 1 Thess 5:23

-the Lord removes things from our lives

             b.intimacy with Jesus – Eph 5:26

-as we draw close to the Lord, works of the flesh fall away from our lives

             c. By our own choices – 2 Cor 6:17

-we have to make some decisions and take a stand…

3. future – this is eternal sanctification – being totally set apart in heaven

How do we know what is holiness and what is not holiness?

*Hebrews 4:12———-this is the Word of God

*holiness occurs by following the Word of God

*and yes – we can understand the Word of God

***the Spirit of God can lift from our lives without holiness being present – Psalm 51:1-4, 10-12

(2) THE HOLY SPIRIT SPEAKS —- 2 Samuel 23:2

A. the Holy Spirit speaks today – Dt 5:24

-“he who has an ear let them hear what the Holy Spirit is saying…”

B. To hear the Holy Spirit we must be quiet and listen – Psalm 46:10

-develop the art of listening – Isaiah 55:3 …Eccl 5:1-2

C. Expect the Holy Spirit to talk and talk to you

-develop a friendship with the Holy Spirit

-understand He is always speaking

   *to believers

   *to unbelievers – to get them saved

—wait, I am not hearing the Spirit speak

Remember – – – even when there is silence, the Spirit is talking.  Silence means you are in God’s will and just keep doing what you are doing…

*************Since the Lord talks and He is God, He can tell you things you don;t know – Jeremiah 33:3

**************Since the Holy Spirit talks and He is God, He will tell you things you never thought you would hear – Isaiah 55:8

—do not resist His voice.  Surrender to it…….