The Great 8

Romans 8

Three Points About God

(1) GOD IS FOR US – v31

– If God Is For Us – The Lord is on our side. We have His favor and He is always for his people…

God being here for us means:

a. He is against all of our enemies

b. We need to be with Him

(2) GOD BLESSES US – vs30, 32-34

a. we were given the blessing of Jesus

v32 – God have His own Son for everyone (us all) – what a blessing……

***v30 – He called us – our call from God to be saved

– He justified us – God looks at us just as if we have never sinned

– He glorifies us – this is the gift of eternal life and going to heaven

b. we have received freely many other blessings along with the blessing of Jesus Christ – v32b

1. The Lord desires and wants to bless us – Dt 28:1-14
– keep Jesus #1 in your life

– Do no discriminate against those who are truly blessed by the Lord – vs33-34

2. The Lord is the Source of All Blessings
– The blessing of all creation

***There are 2 Results from receiving all of these blessings from the Lord……..

(1) We are Blessed to be a Blessing
– The Lord blesses us and we bless others

(2) Radical Gratefulness
– Lets all be thankful for the blessings we receive from the Lord

(3) GOD IS LOVE – vs35-39

a. God’s Love Is Unconditional – v38
– The Lord loves us no matter what

– This will never change because the Lord and His love never changes – vs35-39

b. God’s love is unreasonable –

– We cannot understand the love of God and how He can love everyone. It is unbelievable…

c. God’s love cannot be achieved. It can only be received

– We cannot earn or buy the love of God

– The lists we keep does not change God.s love for us. He loves us when we have a list and do not have a list…