Word is logos
***The word LOGOS refers to deity and the fact that Jesus Christ is God – vs1,14
     a. The Incarnation
     b. one God – the trinity – all coequal and coeternal and God
     c. Jesus Christ is God – Tityus 2:13…John 20:28…Isaiah 9:6
***The word LOGOS refers to the fact that Jesus Christ is the Creator of all things – v3
Colossians 1:15-18a
-not one thing was made without HIm – v3
verse 4 – In Him – this refers to Jesus Christ
-Jesus Christ is our Life – Colossians 3:1-4
     ***John 10:10 – life is ZOE – the God kind of Life
This life is also LIGHT – Jesus Christ is light…
-light enables you to see — to see Jesus Christ…
verse 5 – the darkness did not comprehend it
***It means darkness cannot hinder, prevent extinguish or overcome light
verse 6  – the light shines through people – John the Baptist
a. John was a man sent by God…His name means the Lord is Gracious
b. John was a Nazarite
-they were people of purity – did not touch a dead body which were unclean
-they were people not of this world – did not drink alcohol
-they were people who did not care about their reputation – did not cut their hair
verse 7 – MISSION
-John was a witness – he told everything he knew about Jesus
verse 8 – MOTIVE
John’s motive was to  point people to Jesus
-celebrity Christianity is ending………
verse 9 – Jesus is the only true light and all others are false gods and religions
-gives light to every man – everyone has a chance to be saved
verses 10-11 – The Light is Resisted
-the world can resist Jesus and do not always recognize Him
-Jesus lived in the kosmos – the culture
v11 – To His Own – to those who were Jewish
-Matthew 7:13-14 – the road to heaven is narrow
verse 12 – Jesus was received by some people
-when we are saved, we become children of God
-unbelievers are not children of God and are related to God only through creation
verse 13  – You must be born again to have everlasting life
parents – blood – we are not saved through our parents
humanities plans – we are not saved by works
human desire – not the will or the flesh – Jesus saves us and not our desire for HIm
-God became flesh and dwelt among men….
dwelt – means to pitch a tent
beheld – means to stare at
His glory speaks of 2 things:
1. the manifest presence of the Lord upon Jesus
2. The inner character and glory of the Lord
Full of Grace and Truth
-Jesus and all believers must be full of grace and truth…
-Full truth alone hurts people
-Full grace hurts people
verse 15 – John Bore Witness
-when the glory of God touches our lives, we are changed and have to testify
Cried out – means to shriek and shout
Preferred – means to rank higher  than anyone or anything else
v16 – His fullness – this is the sum total of the attributes and powers of God.  From this the believer receives everything they need….
-We have all of the Lord – Col 2:10
-we are filled full with Him