The Gospel of John

Chapter One
Verse 18 – No one – not one person in history
-this speaks of no one seeing the total fullness of God’s presence and glory
-we know what God is like by seeing Jesus
testimony – this is a person’s own personal testimony
-everyone can share their testimony
-John experiences spiritual resistance
RESISTANCE – trying to prevent something
                        – opposition
                        – a force trying to slow down or stop progress
     1. satan – Zechariah 3:1
-satan was opposing Israel in their sinful state
-satan was opposing the rebuilding of the temple
     2. THE LORD
-the Lord resists pride – 1 Peter 5:5-6
a. pride makes people unteachable
b. pride causes leaders to think they are self sufficient
c. pride tempts people to take credit for what happens
     3. DISTANCE – James 4:8
-spiritual distance produces resistance to the things of the Lord
                          RESISTANT STATEMENTS
     ***RESISTANCE automatically is a sign that you have drawn the attention of the enemy
-John was resisted because he was sold out to Jesus
-we can resist the resistance – James 4:7
     ***RESISTANCE is a sign you are on the right track
-rejoice when resisted as it shows you are on the right track & in the will of God
-make sure the resistance is the enemy and not something you are doing wrong
     ***RESISTANCE can never be allowed to distract you
-keep going even when you are resisted
-Nehemiah kept going when he was resisted from rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem
vs22-23 – John says who he is
***One – he was one person who was available
***The Voice – verbal…speaking up…crying means to shriek..roar like a lion
***Wilderness – represents a very dry spiritual state
***Make Straight – give Jesus a straight shot into your heart and then He will straighten out your life
v24 – the religious resistance speaks up
     v25 – John was under the authority of Jesus Christ & obeyed Him
     v26 – John baptized in water & it was connected with repentance
     vs27-28 – John was speaking to humility
v29 – behold – means to get the attention of people
-the lamb of God – means a pet lamb…one who is sof=t, very gentle & kind
-takes away – means to wipe away
-sin – the sin nature
vs30-34 – The Revelation Of Jesus Christ To John The Baptist
1. That Jesus would be the Savior of the world – vs31,33
2. That Jesus is the Son of God – v33
3. That Jesus baptizes people with the Holy Spirit – v33
1. Jesus Christ baptizes believers with the Holy Spirit – Matthew 3:11
-this experience does not save you
-speaking in tongues does not save you
2. The baptism of the Holy Spirit is a single event that becomes permanent  in the life of the believer
3. The baptism of the Holy Spirit can get sidetracked –
-it can be pushed to the side
-it is all throughout the Bible and not just an ad on