v11 – The Light can be blown out
His own – the Jewish nation
-the narrow road – Matthew 7:13-14
v12 – Jesus was received by some people
-at salvation – you become a child of God
-unbelievers are not children of God.  They are related to the Lord through creation…
v13 – everyone must be born again to enter into heaven
-it has nothing to do with our parents – “Not of blood”
-it has nothing to do with works – “Not of the will of man”
-it has nothing to do with human desire – “Not by the will of the flesh”
-God became flesh
-dwelt among us –  means He pitched a tent
Beheld His glory –
a. the manifest presence upon Jesus
b. the inner glory of His character
-this is not the fullness of His glory – His fullness will be seen only when we get to heaven
Full of Grace and Truth – we need both of these characteristics
v15 – John bore witness – John was verbal in sharing the gospel
-John testified – cried out – means to shout and shriek
preferred – means to rank higher
Jesus is greater than anyone else
verse 16
His fullness – the sum total of the attributes and powers of God
-we have all of the Lord – Col 2:10 – we are filled full of Him
grace upon grace – it speaks of grace piling up on grace to help us through every situation we are going through
v17 – the law came through Moses, but grace and truth came through Jesus
-the law cannot save us, but grace and truth can
v18  – No one has seen the Lord in the fullness of His glory
only begotten Son – the unique One/one of a kind
the bosom of the Father – has always been and existed
v19 – testimony – is our own personal story
-a religious resistance movement came against John
Resistance – means preventing something to happen
                   – means opposition
                   -a force to slow down or stop progress
                          1. Resistance automatically is a sign that you have drawn the attention of the enemy
                          2. Resistance is a sign you are on the right track
                          3. Resistance can never be allowed to distract you
-no matter what the resistance is, keep going
           3 Things that Can Resist
                                     1. Satan and Demon Forces – Zechariah 3:1
                                     2. Pride – 1 Peter 5:5
-God resists the proud
                                     3. Distance – James 4:8
Distance creates resistance…….
vs19-20 – a delegation of religious leaders is sent to John to investigate him
vs20-21- John declares who He is not
vs22-23 – John declares who he is
One – one person available to serve Jesus
A voice – verbal…speak up…crying which is shrieking, emotions & publicly
wilderness – represents a dry spiritual state of being
Make Straight – give Jesus a straight shot into your heart and He will straighten out your life
v24 – the religious resistance speaks up
vs25-28 – John was under the authority of Jesus Christ & that is why he baptized people
-John was lower than a slave
-He considered himself nothing at all
v29 – Behold – means look/see/attention
the Lamb of God – means a pet lamb…one who is soft and gentle and kind
Takes away – means to wipe away
sin – is the sin nature
vs30-34 – The Revelation of Jesus Christ to John the Baptist
-that Jesus would be the Savior of the world
-that Jesus is the Son of God
-that Jesus baptizes in the Holy Spirit