“The Final Vision” Part III


Daniel 10:14

***Daniel had a vision from the Lord and an angel about the last days and Israel

*Daniel speaks of a restraining, hindering and resisting force that can hinder for a period of time prayers from being answered

restrain…hinder…resist… – means to hold back

prince of persia and grecia – are demonic forces

Demons hinder:

1. when we declare we want to grow

2. when we invade enemy territory

3. when we make a clean break from the world

4. when we expose the enemy

-Rejoice when you are resisted.  It shows you are making a difference on planet earth…

*Another resisting force in the Bible – the church – 2 Thessalonians 2:1-10

vs1-2 – the Thessalonian church thought the day of the Lord had come.  Paul corrects these thoughts.

soon shaken – means to be moved

a. moved away from the Lord and His Word

-by spirit – a prophetic word from the Lord

-by word – a teaching of some kind

-by letter – written communication and at times a forgery

vs3-4 – 2 events must take place before the return of the Lord occurs

Let no one deceive you – let no person take you away from the Lord.  Stick to the Word of God

                 1st event – a falling away – a great rejection of Jesus and His Word

                  2nd event – the antichrist will be revealed 

                      a. man of sin – describes evil character and intentions

v4 – he will oppose Christianity

v5 – Paul had already told the Thessalonians about these things – Gal 1:6-10

-read and practice the writings of Paul

vs6-7 – Another restraining force is revealed — it is the church…

restrain – means to hold someone back

      (1) The Head of the church – is Jesus Christ

Christianity is not a democracy, but a theocracy run by Jesus.  Listen to Him

     (2) the church is people – not a building or facility

The church is the Lord’s bride

     (3) The church is holding back the antichrist from being revealed – v6

How?  Through prayer….

own time – there will be a time for the antichrist to be revealed – when God says for it to happen

v7 – mystery of lawlessness – wickedness, lawlessness and evil has been released across our nation and the world.  These are the demonic forces…

-work – means to be active and have some energy

He – is the church/the people of God

hinders or restrains – holds back and holds down

a. through the authority that we have in Jesus Christ – James 4:7

taken out of the way – the church its going to be raptured and removed from planet earth