“The Final Vision” Part 1

Daniel Chapters 10-12

-this is the final vision given to Daniel

-it is the longest vision given to Daniel

-this vision is about the return of the Lord and the last days

Daniel Chapter 10

v1 – the year is 536 B.C. and Daniel is around 88 years old

-Israel has ben in captivity in Babylon for 70 years (modern day Iraq)

Belteshazzar – means protect his life – given to Daniel in captivity

a. a message or vision cam dot Daniel by an angel

           (1) the enemy is a liar – John 8:44

           (2) true – speaks of being real, sure, certain to happen – our world is full of uncertainty

It is an appointed time – the Lord has set the day and time for His return.  No human being knows when it will happen.  But there are signs pointing to the fact that He is coming back soon>>>>>>>

*The rise of Russia again – Ez 38

*China will be #1 economically and militarily – Rev 16:12

* The rise of violence – Matt 24:37

* Famines – Matt 24:7

*Pressure on Israel – Lk 21:17

Daniel understood the message and vision…..

Understood – speaks of assessing what is going on around you and then taking action

a. as Christ followers, we must assess what is going on around us and then take action…

                (1) We love our nation, but our nation must return to the Lord – we are headed  in the wrong direction.

                (2) What action can we take as an assembly of believers?

*we know that we win

*we can pray

*we can all witness

*we can fast

*we can support the Jesus is the Answer outreach

*we can support AA 365 outreach to our nation

*we can trust the Lord that He will take care of us