Seven Springs Golf & Country Club

3535 Trophy Blvd, Trinity Fl, 34655

Registration fee $100 each player   

Basic registration fee for players

Platinum Sponsor: Donation $1,000

Platinum Sponsor: Donation of $1,000 or more. Entry for 4 players, Company name on 2 signs. Advertisment on both our website and facebook page

Gold Sponsor: Donation $500

Gold Sponsor: Donation of $500 or more.  Entry for 4 players.  Company name on sign

Silver Sponsor: Donation $250

Silver Sponsor: Donation of $250 or more.  Entry for 2 players. Company name of sign

Sponsor: Donation $100

Donation of $100 or more.  Company name on sign

Putting Contest 3 Putts For $10.00

In case of tie, Players will have a putt off

Mulligan $5.00 each

LImit 2 per person.  You can not win a prize with Mulligan

Second Chance $10.00 Each

Limit one per category

Long Drive

Closes to the pin

Plus 3 second chance golf balls