Sermon Notes 9/3 – Ephesians 3:14-20

 Paul’s Second Prayer
                                    PAUL THE PURSUER
-Paul pursued Jesus and prayer
-Pursue – means to actively chase after something/to seek it out and follow it
(1.) PAUL PURSUED THE WAYS OF THE LORD-  – Ephesians 3:2
-There are two ways the Lord answers prayer:
              1. SLOW                        2. SUDDENLY
Suddenlies – Acts 2:1-2 – these are immediate & instantaneous breakthroughs
Slow – Mark 8:22-26 – these breakthroughs take time to happen
        ***We must be broken in our pursuit of the immediate***
Declare your breakthrough will come no matter how long it takes to happen…
Do not transfer the speed of the culture to Christianity……..
(2.) PAUL PURSUED THE LORD’S WILL – Ephesians 3:16
-Prayers are answered according to the riches of the Lord’s glory
-We desire your will Lord and not our own will
-May your will be done Lord
The Lord taught us to pray – Matthew 6:5-10 – “Your kingdom come…your will be done”
1. Glorify The Lord – John 12:27-30
-the most important thing about prayer isn’t getting what we want, but that the Lord would be glorified and honored
2. Yield to God’s Sight – Proverbs 15:3
-The Lord sees everything now and in the future – He is all-knowing – Omniscient
(3.) PAUL PURSUED JESUS FIRST- Matthew 6:33/Acts 9:3,11/1 Thess 5:17
-Always go to Jesus first when it comes to anything that happens to us
-2 Chronicles 16:7-13 – always go to the Lord first…  Jesus is always first