Sermon Notes 9/1 – The Holy Spirit


                                              Genesis 1:1-2
verse 1 – God is Elohim
-it is plural
-reveals the trinity
-Deut 6:4 – there is one God
-Genesis 1:26 & 3:22 – the trinity
-Acts 5:1-5 – the Holy Spirit is God
***The Holy Spirit is a Person – He speaks…..Gen 1:1,3,6,9,11,14,20,24, 26, 28-29
                         The Holy Spirit is speaking and saying 3 things.  The word Hovering means:
1. The Holy Spirit is:  Everywhere…2. Shaking…Moving
*Recognize that the Holy Spirit is present – Psalm 139:7-10
*Jeremiah 23:23-24 – the Holy Spirit is Everywhere
***The Lord is with us when there is a mess – Genesis 1:1-2
-without form & void – means to be desolate…ruined…to be empty
-there cannot be a miracle until there is a mess
(2.) HOVERING MEANS TO SHAKE – Mark 13:1-26
-the Holy Spirit is shaking – everything
-the entire world will be shaken, but we will not be shaken…2 Thess 2:1-2
v2 – shaken – means to be toppled/lose your balance/moved out of place/agitated
troubled/frightened/panic stricken
Gathering together – (to Him) means to assemble together a complete collection
-the shaking of the world & universe is to bring people to Jesus Christ to be saved & redeemed….
(3.) HOVERING MEANS TO MOVE – Acts 2:1-17…..Genesis 1:1-2
-this is a continual moving
-the Holy Spirit is unstoppable
-Genesis 6:1-3 – humans can resist the Holy Spirit
***strive – means to plead His cause
-everyone has a chance to be saved – Romans 1:18-22
***When the Holy Spirit moves, there is separation – Genesis 1:4
-the darkness was separated from the light – Eph 4:8-9
Sanctification – means to be set apart – 3 Phases
1. Past – when we were saved we were separated from the power of sin
2. Present – we are continually being set apart from sin
3. Future – we will be totally separated from sin when we get to heaven
Therefore, give the Holy Spirit Freedom to move……Let the Holy Spirit have His way which at times may be unpredictable……