Sermon Notes 8/7 – Peace


                       James 1:1-8/2 Chronicles 20:1-4,17
James 1:2 – fall refers to being encircled & surrounded by difficulties & trials
2 Chronicles 20:1-4, 17 – King Jehosophat & Judah were surrounded by enemies
***We are surrounded by pressure, stress, uncertainty and instability today
                -We must place ourselves in a spiritual position to receive our breakthrough and help us to make it through every trial in victory.  We must place ourselves in the
position of:
-The Position of Humility
-The Position of Prayer
-The Position of Praise & Worship
-The Position of Righteousness
      ***The result of right spiritual positioning is PEACE…
verse 30  – Quiet…gave him Rest…@ Peace ——– all around & on all sides…all the time
(1.) THE SOURCE OF PEACE – John 16:33 & John 14:27
-Jesus Christ is the source of long lasting, true and real peace……
-Peace – means to join yourself together which produces calm, quiet, tranquility & rest
(2.) THE NAME OF THE LORD IS PEACE – Judges 6:1-23 & Isaiah 9:6
             A. Judges 6:23-24 – Jehovah Shalom – The Lord Is Peace
Judges 5:31- 6:1-6 – Israel defeated the Midianites & lived in peace for 40 years
Judges 6:1 – Israel fell back from the Lord and practiced their old sins & values
-they opened up the door for the enemy to come in – Eph 4:27
-things started to change for Israel as they went toward the Lord:
-they cried out to the Lord – vs7-10
-they were reminded of the power of God – – vs11-12
-they reaffirmed their identity – vs11-12
-they obeyed the voice of the Lord – vs13-14
               B. Isaiah 9:6 – Jesus is the Prince of Peace
-Jesus is peace because Jesus is God
-Jesus gives peace – Romans 5:1
-Jesus Makes Peace – Eph 2:14-18
-peace grows as we spend time with Jesus – Gal 5:22-25 – peace is a fruit of the Spirit
-God’s peace surpasses all understanding – people cannot understand how we can be so calm during trials and difficult times
-it is also a Peace imparted to us as believers – John 20:19-22
-we can have peace now
Jesus – Jesus had total peace even as He headed toward death & the cross
The Disciples – John 20:19-22
-Jesus was sending the disciples into  a culture of opposition and persecution — I send you (v21).
-Peace is only found in Jesus Christ.