Sermon Notes 8/6 – EPHESIANS 3:8-21 PAUL’S SECOND PRAYER

-Eph 1:15 & 3:12
-Paul continually prayed
-Press In…Press On…Press Through…Press Forward
-Christianity is a Continue Faith – Continue in Prayer Acts 2:42
-Continual prayer produces continual answers to prayer – Matthew 7:7-8 &  Psalm 116:1-2
-the word incline in Psalms 116:1-2 means:  the Lord turns and bends down to hear
PRAYER PRINCIPLE: Continual prayer causes a decrease and loss
-We lose pride and gain humility
vs8, 14 – BOW – it means to bend or bow the knee
-it is the same word used in Phil 2:5-11
-as we walk in humility the Lord uses us in great ways or exalts us
PRAYER PRINCIPLE: Everything you saw Paul do, happened and was possible because of what you didn’t see him do
-Paul prayed and lived a lifestyle of prayer
Prayer Principle:  Prayer Produces a Divine Disturbance – a Shaking
-when we are disturbed, we will disturb others through prayer……
-Acts 4:31 – prayer produces a shaking