Sermon Notes 8/4 – Order


v13 — this is the spiritual and not a person’s private prayer language

-an interpretation of tongues must accompany public tongues
v14 – our spirit man prays in tongues — our mind does no understand when we pray in tongues
v15 – understanding – this is the mind
       – spirit – is praying in tongues
-We pray in our native language and in tongues
vs16-17 – we need to gain some understanding to have edification
v18 – Paul spoke in tongues alot…..
v19 – tongues always need an interpretation to be understood
v20 – grow and mature in the use of speaking in tongues and in the use of the 9 spirituals
vs21-22 – Tongues are a sign to the unbeliever as they see the supernatural of the Lord at work
v23 – tongues must have an interpretation or people will think we are crazy
vs24 – 25 — hearing a prophecy will bring salvation and change to the lives of people
v26 – do everything in order…….
edification – is a construction term meaning to build a building
vs27-28 – The Public Use Of Tongues
2 or at the most 3 tongues and interpretation of tongues is allowed in a church service
vs29-31 –
                  v29 – 2 or at the most 3 prophecies are allowed in a church service
                  vs30 – 31 – keep the prophecies short and only one at a time
v32 – each believer has control over when they use the spirituals – ORDER
v33 – the enemy causes division and chaos
v34 – be submissive to your husband and to church authorities
***no outbursts and chatter allowed
v35 – do not talk outloud in church to cause a disturbance
v36 – do not develop your own opinion and Bible.  Just obey the Bible you are reading
v37 – Follow and obey the commandments of the Lord
-do not be proud and follow your own thoughts and opinions
v38 – Paul had nothing more to say to the Corinthians.  Obey the Word…
v39- Desire to prophecy and to speak in tongues
v40 – always have order in the church because God is a God of order