Sermon Notes 8/3 – Zechariah 12 The Last Days

Look at the signs of the last days that are happening today
1. Russia advancing toward Israel – Ezekiel 38
2. China becoming a powerhouse – Revelation 9:16
3. Corruption Abounds – Genesis 6:1-10
4. Lawlessness abounds –  Matthew 24:12
5. UFO’s – Luke 21:25
6. Inflation – Rev 6:1-4
7. Racial Tension – Matthew 24:7
8. Lgbtq influence – Luke 17:26-36
9. Weird Weather – Matthew 24:7
10. Wars and rumors of war – Matthew 24:6
11. An Outpouring of the Holy Spirit – Acts 2:1-17
-it will keep pouring/a gusher/a steady stream and flow/in large amounts
-this includes an outpouring of Grace and Supplication – Zechariah 12:10
-a spirit of supplication is crying out for ourselves for God’s grace to touch our lives nd for us to be saved
-a spirit of grace is giving us what we do not deserve
-look on Him whom they pierced – this is Jesus Christ and He was pierced at the cross
—the return of the Lord will be public – Revelation 1:7
Zechariah 13:1
-in that day is the second coming of Jesus Christ
fountain – represents the blood of Jesus Christ – 1 John 1:9
-it is continuously flowing/permanent
-for the leaders of Israel – House of David
-for the common people – inhabitants of the land
vs2-6 – cleansing from sin should lead to separation from sin
v7 – the Lord is always on time – Gal 4:4…Romans 5:6…Galatians 6:9
***The man who is My Companion – this means My Equal
-it shows that Jesus Christ is God
strike the shepherd – this refers to the death of Jesus
sheep will scatter – they were scattered in 70AD by the Roman Army – Matthew 24:1-2
turn my hand – this refers to dealing with Israel – Jeremiah 30:7 & Is 26:20-21
-value the process
v8 – All the land – this is the nation of Israel
two thirds die and one third lives – this speak of Israel and the end of the tribulation period
v9 – the fire – refines – burns out all impurities
-we will get through the fire – Is 43:1-2
call – this is when Israel gets saved as they call on the Lord – Jeremiah 33:1-3
-only those who are born again are children of God
vs11-14 – this is national repentance for Israel