Sermon Notes 8/24 – The Last Days

Verse 1 – Brethren – refers to the family of God/ the body of Christ
a. we enter into the family of God @ salvation
b. we are placed in the body of Christ @ salvation – 1 Corinthians 12:13
c. The Holy Spirit lives within us @ salvation – 1 Cor 3:16
d. we become children of God – John 1:12
Coming – it means being near and a personal appearance
-this is the tangible presence of the Lord
-this presence will grow stronger & stronger as the coming of the Lord gets closer
Our gathering together to Him –
-to Him – this is the movement of the church to Him – the rapture
Gathering Together – means a complete collection/an assembling together
-everyone who is saved is going in the rapture
-it is by grace and not by works or behavior
Verse 2
-Paul is talking to the church to be aware that we are in the last days
        Don’t Be Soon Shaken
soon – it means quickly and suddenly
shaken – means to waver/be moved/shocked & alarmed
-this will be a constant series of events
-resist wavering
-pull down all wrong thoughts – 2 Cor 10:4-5
-soak yourself in the Word – Col 3:15-16
          Don’t Be Troubled – this is an inward fright and nervousness
-Paul was saying to practice the words of the Lord
     Paul lists 3 items that could trouble The Thessalonian Church:
-People were saying that Jesus had already returned, but that was wrong…
By Spirit – a prophetic utterance
By Word – a verbal message
By Letter – written communication by someone who forged Paul’s name
verse 3 Paul Lists 2 Events to correct the false teaching that was being spread saying that Jesus had already returned..
Let no one deceive you – means to intentionally mislead and then trap someone
       Event #1 – A falling away will happen
       Event #2 – The antichrist will be revealed
Event #1 – There will be a falling away
-this is people who are turning away from Christianity
-this is a rebellion and defiance against the Lord
-this is a change in a society’s attitude toward Jesus and Christianity
-this isn’t about Christians rejecting Jesus Christ